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Chinese New Year has always been about going home, and here at ChefCo, we are feeling rather homesick for New Zealand. While we ourselves cannot travel back, our tastebuds may help us get there. 在中国,新年意味着回家与团圆。ChefCo与主厨们一样,也想念着自己的家乡,新西兰。 此刻的我们虽不能亲自前往新西兰,但我们的味蕾能帮我们飘洋过海,跨越山河,打破空间的边界,领略另一国度的美食。

Teaming up with Tatua (logo) Dairy, we are taking a little treat from home to you, here in China. Little & Friday is an iconic bakery in Auckland, NZ, well known for creative recipes, tip-top ingredients and making everything from scratch. 这次,ChefCo与大拓奶制品公司合作,为主厨们带来了一份来自ChefCo家乡的小礼物——外交官奶油甜甜圈礼盒。 外交官奶油甜甜圈出自新西兰奥克兰的著名烘培坊—Little & Friday。Little & Friday以极具创意的食谱,顶级的食材和只用最天然的原料而闻名。

现在的我们虽无法亲自到新西兰品尝Little & Friday的甜甜圈。但ChefCo将甜甜圈所需的最具特色的新西兰原料打包进了这个礼盒中。通过这个礼盒,您可制作出最地道的新西兰甜甜圈,也可发挥自己的创意,研发出您自己喜爱的风味。

We are looking forward for you to try it out, or better yet, put your own twist on it.



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