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Beijing, the ancient capital of five dynasties, has a very long history of food. It is based on Shandong cuisine and integrates the cooking skills of Han, Mongolian, Manchu, and Hui ethnicities, inheriting the essence of imperial cuisine of the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the long process of food culture evolution, it has absorbed the culinary characteristics of major regions in the country, and continuously exchanges and fusion, forming the characteristics of today's collection of the essence of national famous dishes.

深厚多元的饮食文化,吸引了全国各地的厨师聚集于此。这次,ChefCo将新西兰鹿肉带到了北京,邀请京城最顶级的主厨们在北京著名餐厅福法楼,为大家带来了一席现代与历史,西方与东方相融合的鹿肉盛宴。 The profound and diversified food culture attracts chefs from all over the country to gather here. This time, ChefCo brought New Zealand venison to Beijing, inviting the city's top chefs to bring a feast of modern and historical, western and eastern venison at the famous Beijing restaurant Maison Flo.

ChefCo 研讨会在北京福楼

银蕨农场鹿柳,火腿,鹅肝塔塔 Silver Fern Farms Venison Tenderloin, Ham, Foie Gras

取自鹿腰部的嫩肉,与鹅肝一起剁碎混合,配上咸鲜的火腿。 鹿肉的天然本味因塔塔这种做法而得到了很好的保留,油脂丰厚的鹅肝为鹿肉带去了一种奇妙的丝滑口感,而火腿则增加了口味的层次感。 The most tender meat from venison loin, chopped and mixed with foie gras, served with savoury ham. The natural flavor of venison is preserved by Tata's approach, with fatty foie gras giving venison a wonderful silky texture, while ham adds layers of flavour.

银蕨农场烟熏鹿肉西冷,茭白,西洋菜 Silver Fern Farms Smoked Venison Shortloin, Cane Shoots, Watercress

烟熏过的鹿肉外层混合着焦香与迷人的烟熏味,切开后,内里柔嫩,仍保留着原有的鲜美汁水,鹿肉诱人的天然深红色在棕褐色的外衣包裹下更显诱人,看着就让人垂涎欲滴。 The outer layer of the smoked venison is a mixture of charred and attractive smokiness. When cut, the inside is tender and still retains the original tasty juice. The tempting deep red color of the venison is accentuated by the browned coat, which makes the venison look very drool-inducing.

银蕨农场慢炖鹿膝,朝鲜蓟,藜麦 Silver Fern Farms Slow-Cooked Venison Shank, Artichoke, Quinoa

鹿肉与藜麦,朝鲜蓟的结合非常令人惊喜。清甜口感的朝鲜蓟带着一股淡淡的花香,给浓郁的鹿膝肉带去了一种柔美清新的口感,藜麦的小小颗粒感加入则为整道菜的口感增加了趣味。 The combination of venison with quinoa and artichokes is a pleasant surprise. Sweet artichokes with a hint of flowers add a soft freshness to the rich venison shank, while the tiny graininess of quinoa adds spice to the texture.

野生深海鳌虾,蟹籽,蜜瓜,安佳淡奶油 Wild Caught Scampi, Carb Roe, Melon, Anchor Cream

蜜桃,大拓马斯卡彭尼,安佳淡奶油,康维他麦卢卡蜂蜜,杰境茶庄乌龙茶 Peach, Tatua Mascarpone, Anchor Cream, Comvita Manuka Honey, Zealong Oolong

研讨会当天,福法楼主厨Victor 还用新西兰鳌虾,安佳淡奶油,大拓马斯卡彭,康维他麦卢卡蜂蜜与杰境茶庄乌龙茶为大家做了两道颜值爆表的美食。 On the day of the workshop, Victor, the chef of Maison Flo, also prepared two dishes with New Zealand Scampy, Anchor Cream, Tatuo Mascarpone, Comvita Manuka honey and Oolong tea from Zealong.


At the end of the event, Silver Fern Farm presented the chefs with a venison gift bag. With this gift bag, chefs can apply venison cooking inspiration from the workshop to their own creations.

ChefCo北京首秀大获成功,感谢北京福楼法餐厅与主厨Victor为我们带来的一系列精彩美食,也感激银蕨农场,Tatua, Anchor, Comvita与Zealong的盛情赞助!期待不久的未来我们在北京再相见!

ChefCo’s Beijing debut was a huge success! We would like to express our gratitudes towards the Flo team, and especially Chef Victor for his creativity and superb delivery. Big thanks to the sponsorship and support from Silver Fern Farm, Tatua, Anchor, Comvita and Zealong! Looking forward to seeing you again in Beijing in the near future!


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