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Sustainable Seafood

Our latest Chefco workshop hits Hong Kong for the first time!!

Chefco is a platform created by NZTE (New Zealand Trade & Enterprise) that aims to create a community of NZ loving chefs, that New Zealand food & beverage exporters can connect to when they need chef expertise for recipe development, catering, hosting events and demos or just for some friendly advice. Born in Shanghai, this is our first event in Hong Kong so we’re really excited to be expanding the network.

15 Hong Kong based A-list chefs and sustainability experts, along with some of NZ’s best seafood, including, Cloudy Bay Clams, Ikana Mussels and Sanford Scampi gathered in the Grand Hyatt Pantry this afternoon to talk all things sustainable seafood.

Our chefco chefs Tim & Luke from Eat the Kiwi Hong Kong hosted the show along with Ben from 178 degrees serving up the 411 on sustainable products as well as 4 tasty seafood dishes.

The aim was to educate chefs on sustainability while letting them watch the cooking and try for themselves the high-grade seafood NZ has to offer.

Chefs also took away a goodie bag of Ikana mussels to try cooking at home.


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