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When you think of New Zealand cuisine, what comes to mind? Seafood? Milk powder? Kiwifruit? 当你想到新西兰美食,你会联想到什么? 海鲜? 奶粉? 猕猴桃? What about brown sugar fruit tea, boxed cocktails and whipped cream as fresh as the pastures it comes from? 还是红糖水果茶、盒装鸡尾酒和新鲜如刚来自牧场的乳制品? New Zealand food is all about innovation, a modern take on classic dishes and fusions of the world’s flavours with unique ingredients. 新西兰美食精于创新,擅长将现代与经典结合,融合世界美味与各种独特食材。 New Zealand Week (NZW) will kick off this November 1st with special menus and retail promotions across restaurants, retailers and hotels in Shanghai. People around the world are dreaming of a holiday in New Zealand, and while that’s not possible right now, this NZW we are “bringing New Zealand to you” showcasing the quality and diversity of New Zealand culture and exports, with food playing a major role in this. Who better to literally bring New Zealand to the table than the talented team of chefs at ChefCo? 11月1日,2020年新西兰周将在上海拉开序幕,届时各大著名餐厅、零售店和酒店都会推出新西兰周特别菜单和零售促销活动。在今年这个特殊的年份,世界各地的人们都梦想着在新西兰度假,虽然现在还不可能,但在这个新西兰周,我们将“把新西兰带给你”,向你展示新西兰的多样文化和高品质美食。在这场活动中,我们的美食将扮演一个重要的角色。介时,ChefCo才华横溢的厨师团队将把来自新西兰的地道美食带到我们的餐桌上。 NZW collaborated with ChefCo to create one of our largest boxes ever. It was “Christmas coming early” as Chef Sean commented on opening the double layer box of treasures. 新西兰周与ChefCo的合作,使我们创造了迄今为止最大的ChefCo礼盒之一。当我们的主厨Sean打开这个盒子时,他情不自禁的说到:“我简直以为圣诞节提前来了”

Luxerose bought the party to the box, a selection of ready to enjoy premium cocktail blends, inspired by memories and infused with summer. Babich Wines and Oyster Bay also gave our Chefs something to toast to with their exquisite and refreshing Savion blanc. We are sure more than a few of our Chef’s cracked open a bottle for some inspiration on some wine pairings.

Luxerose精选了一系列炫酷的鸡尾酒,将来自夏天的派对灵感带入了我们的礼盒。Babich 和Oyster Bay葡萄酒用其经典长相思向我们的主厨们祝杯。

New Zealand’s own Envy apple bought some crunch to the box alongside Hawkes Bay grown Mr Apple’s NZ Queen. Taura rounded off the fruity selection with their all natural fruit pieces. New Zealand Natural ice cream and Oravida yoghurt offered a scoop of their premium dairy products to go alongside, topped off with Tatua’s whipped cream and Mānuka doctor Mānuka honey.

新西兰著名水果产地霍克湾带来了最令他们骄傲的爱妃与Mr Apple苹果。Taura则带来了一系列美味的水果干。为了让我们的主厨做出最纯正的新西兰甜品,Natural冰激凌,兰维乐酸奶,Tatua奶油与Manuka doctor的麦卢卡蜂蜜齐齐上阵。

Of course, it wouldn’t be New Zealand box without some Taupo pure milk powder and several premium cuts of Pure South New Zealand meat. Greenmount foods even took out the hassle of making a stock for our chefs.

以乳制品和牛羊肉闻名的新西兰,其礼盒自然少不了Taupo纯牛奶粉和一系列Pure South的优质新西兰肉品。而Greenmount还为我们的主厨们熬制了美味的高汤。

To top off an exquisite range of New Zealand goodies, Red seal provided a selection of Brown Sugar and fruit teas and molasses, with oral care company Grin keeping our Chefs smiles sparkling as they continue to innovate and bring the best of New Zealand flavours to China.


The ChefCo box gave our chefs endless possibilities and inspiration to work with such as this beautiful Nectarine dessert by Chef Zhang featuring Mānuka Doctor Mānuka Honey, New Zealand apples, Oravida yoghurt, fruit tea and molasses. Several chefs have since followed up with their favourite products to discuss ongoing cooperation.


The New Zealand Week box was open to all kiwi brands hoping to raise their brand profiles over New Zealand week. The Boxes were delivered to 31 of ChefCo’s wonderful Chefs as well as 8 retail and 12 food service providers partnering with New Zealand Week. 新西兰周向所有希望通过新西兰周提升品牌形象的新西兰品牌开放。这些盒子被送到了31位厨师以及8家与新西兰周合作的零售商和12家食品服务供应商手中。

New Zealand Week events will kick off on the First of November, ending with the foodie heaven “Kiwi Brunch” at the Westin Bund Center on November 15th. For more information on New Zealand Week, visit their website here




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